Our Materials

Our fabrics are crafted from biodegradable, compostable plant-based fibers, seamlessly returning to the earth. Embracing minimal trims, we take pride in sourcing locally to reduce our carbon footprint. By doing so, we foster a harmonious relationship with the environment and support like-minded businesses. Together, we nurture an eco-fashion movement for a greener tomorrow.

Fabrics & Fibers

In our pursuit of eco-friendly fabrics for our collections, we prioritize the fiber type and its sustainable growth, sourcing, and production methods. Water usage, chemical reduction, and waste minimization are crucial considerations guiding our conscious choices.

Our fabrics are thoughtfully sourced from sustainably-cultivated renewable plant fibers. Lovingly woven to embrace elegance and environmental consciousness. Our fabrics offer enhanced breathability, lightness, and feather-soft touch. We are proud to embrace the future of eco-fashion with biodegradable textiles that leave a lasting and positive impact on our planet.


Our buttons are made from 100% natural coconut shells, a sustainable choice that exudes earthy elegance. 


At Saint Cult, we prioritize reducing waste and single-use plastic. Your clothing will be delivered in a simple, reusable cotton bag wrapped inside a 100% compostable bag made from Maize. One of our favorite ways to reuse the cotton bag? Using it to store laundry while on the go!

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